What’s this all about?

My mother somehow managed to raise two daughters who are very good eaters. By the time we were three years old we would try anything she put in front of us and would most likely go back for seconds.  Liver and onions?  Yes, please.  Crawfish? Yes please.  Pickled okra? She kept a huge jar of them in the outside refrigerator! Yes, thanks to my mom, my love affair with food began at an early age. I love all kinds of food from ice cream to vegetables to shellfish.  I’m always game to try a new ethnic restaurant with exotic dishes.  All of my best memories are associated with food.  I attribute the fact that I have managed to remain thin and healthy despite my love of food to a combination of genetics and an active lifestyle.  Also, I enjoy healthy foods as much as I enjoy those dripping in fat.

Now that I’m a mother I want to raise my son to love food – all types of food – as much as I do.  I want him to see new foods as an adventure, not something to be feared.  But with the increasing frequency of childhood obesity in this country, I also want him to learn to enjoy healthy foods. So I’m starting young.  This site is dedicated to my adventures in cooking for my son and most importantly, getting him to eat what I cook.  If I can get one other person to read this site regularly besides my mother (hi Mom), or if I can inspire one other mother to try something new in the kitchen for their child then I will be happy.  If not, I will print them all out and look back on them and wonder what went wrong when he decides to live solely off of Kraft Mac n Cheese for a year straight despite all my theories and efforts.  I won’t claim to be a particularly engaging and funny writer, because I’m not.  But hopefully you’ll find this interesting nonetheless.

Let the adventures begin…


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