Homemade Cheez-its!

I took the quick and easy route for tonight’s blog post.  And why not?  It’s not MY recipe!  It’s somebody else’s! Tonight I made homemade Cheez-its. A while back I tried my hand at another recipe and they were good, but not good enough.  Another Google search found me this recipe, so I whipped up a batch after the little man hit the sack. I didn’t add the cayenne, but other than that I followed it the letter. And these were gooooood.  Nice and crunchy and cheesy with that lovely toasted cheese flavor. Simon looooves crunchy crackers, so I’m hoping he’ll enjoy these as a snack tomorrow. He’s a big goldfish fan, but in general I try to avoid the processed snacks and make him my own. Hopefully this will go into our regular rotation. Next time I might try some whole wheat flour to make it healthier, but hey, it’s got cheese, so they’re meeting dietary needs already. And it’s REAL cheese, I grated 8 oz of it. I’m not just trusting a box to tell me it’s “made with real cheese”.

I won’t walk you through the process, because the recipe has all the photos you need, so I’ll just leave you with photos of the finished product to prove how yummy they look.



Oh, and don’t skimp on the salt!


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