CURSE YOU TEETH!! (shakes fist at sky)

We have two teeth coming in this week.  They’ve been lurking for a while but I think they’re going to cut this week.  What’s that mean? It means that Simon has put himself on a steady diet of Cheerios and yogurt for the last 48 hours.  Maaaaaybe he’ll eat a smoothie if I use a straw and put it in his mouth, dropper style. Even his favorite plain grilled cheese is POISON!  Poison! Mommy is trying to poison me!

Oh, and sleep has gone to shit.  Not that it’s great anyways, but it’s especially shitty right now.

Someday.  Someday I will sleep through the night again (at this point it’s all about ME! not about HIM! Mommy is TIRED!). Ibuprofen seemed to help last night though, so we’ll do that again tonight.




One Comment on “CURSE YOU TEETH!! (shakes fist at sky)”

  1. Roberta Ocanas says:

    Just when I thought sleepless nights were behind me. Bam!!! erupting molars. Now that Andres is cutting in his last molar his sleep pattern has resumed back to sleeping through the night. It was rough for about 1 month. His canine teeth are next ,but I think that shouldn’t be near as bad.

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