Self feeding 101

Hi everyone, it’s Simon, here to present my introductory course in self feeding.

So listen up…or else!

Step 1: Let Mommy know you’re ready to start feeding yourself!

When you’re in your high chair, try to pick up any bit of dropped food from the tray.  Things will get a little messy because you’ll be smearing purees everywhere, but it’s worth the mess! Look REALLY intense and ignore everything else around you (including the food Mommy is trying to feed you). This might seem simple, but Mommy can be a little dense.  Be persistent and eventually she’ll clue in.

Step 2: Pick up finger foods

OK guys, this part is really hard.  Nine month old babies have a tough time grabbing little things. So once Mommy has clued in and gone out and bought you some Cheerios, she’ll dump a bunch on your tray. You’ll need to somehow get those tiny Cheerios in your hand!  I know, I know, this is really tough stuff, but it helps if your hands are already covered in yogurt because the Cheerios will just stick to your fingers!

It’s ok, take your time…

Nice job!!

Step 3: Get the Cheerio from your hand and into your mouth.

The challenges are never ending! Once you’ve gotten it into your hand it’s STILL not in your mouth! Sometimes it get’s stuck between two fingers that aren’t even CLOSE to your mouth (see above photo).  But stay with it, my friends.  Smash that hand into your mouth!

If you get frustrated, you can take a break and let Mommy feed you one…

Or just take a few moments and wipe your hands…

Because eventually you will succeed!

Great job!


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