Guilty conscience….

I have a confession to make, dear readers.  I must tell you this or it will hang over my head….

I bought store bought baby food.


I KNOW!! I KNOW!!! I feel like Ali Larter in Legally Blonde when she tells Reese Witherspoon she had liposuction and Reese gives off this absolutely fantastic half gasp/half scream of dismay!

OK, so I know that I never promised to be 100% homemade or anything, but I thought you ought to know this new development anyways.  In my defense, we are moving to San Antonio tomorrow and I realized that it would be a hell of a lot easier on me if I could just pack his frozen food in an ice chest and not worry about it while feeding him out of a jar all day. So…here it is…

Seriously though, this s**t is expensive!!! Those baggie thingies were like, $1.89 each at Target!  Thus further justifying my homemade baby food efforts.  Seriously, a whole head of broccoli costs that much, a whole bunch of spinach or a pound of apples…sigh.  Convenience if expensive! Especially since on any given day now he eats three meals of 3 oz or more each and one of those things is 3.5oz.  That would add up fast!! Seriously…I say seriously a lot. Seriously.

P.S. I promised you spinach and it just hasn’t happened…but it will!!  I’m still wanting to try introducing leafy greens, so that plan will go into action when we’re settled into the new apartment.

P.P.S.  I must also express my excitement over Simon’s sudden and inexplicable reversal of his views on lumps.  LET THERE BE LUMPS!!!  Chopped up overcooked pasta!! Whole cooked quinoa! Cantaloup scraped right out of the fruit in chunks! Watermelon diced up into small bits!  I’m so proud!


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