My new obsession….

I found this site today and am now completely obsessed! This woman puts me to shame!  And she’s GORGEOUS!!  I am so so SO SO SO excited about some of these recipes! I just don’t know where to start!


Enjoy….just promise you’ll come back to see me every once in a while….





All settled in!

So after a week of madness, i.e. moving to San Antonio then going on a road trip with my parents and sister to northern Louisiana for 5 days and then returning to Houston and then back to San Antonio….we were exhausted. Poor little man was NOT a fan of riding in the car for that long and sleeping in his Pack and Play.  We both ran off of very little sleep and were not happy.  But now that we’re home he is SOOOOOOO much better.  He just about wiggled out of his skin when he saw the dog! I have actually never seen him so happy.  Ever. It was insane.

So here is my new kitchen.  Well, it’s the apartment kitchen, but it’s really nice, apart from the crappy electric coil stove…

My apologies for the quality of the photos, somewhere in the move I misplaced our camera charger and haven’t uncovered it yet, so it’s iPhone photos for you today.

Now that we’re all settled in I can start cooking for the Monkey again!!! We stopped at a roadside farmer’s market and picked up some fabulous produce.  You can see it above; peaches, plums and some beautiful yellow squash. As I mentioned in my earlier blogs, for some reason Simon has suddenly decided that all of his food doesn’t have to be perfectly pureed and smooth!  He’s letting me add texture and it’s really exciting! He’s also eating little bits off of my plate, like teensy pieces of chicken and green beans.  I think it’s all related to the fact that he is starting to wean and is learning to satisfy his cravings elsewhere.

So here are a few examples of a few of the meals I have put together for him.  It’s tough, because he still likes things to be sweet, so I have to play with texture and flavor to find just the right combination:

I overcooked some whole wheat penne pasta and chopped it up into little bits.  I then mixed it with butternut squash and ricotta cheese.

The lumps still take him by surprise…

But he ate the whole thing! Here he is, you can see him rolling the pasta around in his mouth…

He now likes bacon.  I stuck a piece in his mouth the other morning because he was fussing and he shut up and sucked on it for a good 20 minutes.  So.  Bacon.  Definitely his mother’s son.

I cooked up a piece for him and then crumbled it up finely.  I then sauteed the crap out of a yellow squash in the bacon grease, mixed it all together with the bacon, whirled it in the Magic Bullet and then mixed in some apple.

It was delicious!  Sweet and smokey at the same time.  The first time I gave it to him I think it was too lumpy and too unfamiliar.  It didn’t go so well.

The next day I pureed it a little more and he seemed to accept the flavors more readily! Sorry about the photo quality…

So there you have it!  Experiments happen daily, so I will keep you posted!

Guilty conscience….

I have a confession to make, dear readers.  I must tell you this or it will hang over my head….

I bought store bought baby food.


I KNOW!! I KNOW!!! I feel like Ali Larter in Legally Blonde when she tells Reese Witherspoon she had liposuction and Reese gives off this absolutely fantastic half gasp/half scream of dismay!

OK, so I know that I never promised to be 100% homemade or anything, but I thought you ought to know this new development anyways.  In my defense, we are moving to San Antonio tomorrow and I realized that it would be a hell of a lot easier on me if I could just pack his frozen food in an ice chest and not worry about it while feeding him out of a jar all day. So…here it is…

Seriously though, this s**t is expensive!!! Those baggie thingies were like, $1.89 each at Target!  Thus further justifying my homemade baby food efforts.  Seriously, a whole head of broccoli costs that much, a whole bunch of spinach or a pound of apples…sigh.  Convenience if expensive! Especially since on any given day now he eats three meals of 3 oz or more each and one of those things is 3.5oz.  That would add up fast!! Seriously…I say seriously a lot. Seriously.

P.S. I promised you spinach and it just hasn’t happened…but it will!!  I’m still wanting to try introducing leafy greens, so that plan will go into action when we’re settled into the new apartment.

P.P.S.  I must also express my excitement over Simon’s sudden and inexplicable reversal of his views on lumps.  LET THERE BE LUMPS!!!  Chopped up overcooked pasta!! Whole cooked quinoa! Cantaloup scraped right out of the fruit in chunks! Watermelon diced up into small bits!  I’m so proud!