Some things do taste just about as good (or bad) as they sound…

…and unseasoned ground turkey cooked in a frying pan and then pureed into a funky gray paste really does suck that much.

When the recipe book said the consistency would be “paste-like” I should have known. But all the baby food I have made so far has been so tasty I usually end up scraping out the last bits of it from his bowl with my finger when he’s done eating. So how bad could it be?

I bought a pound of ground turkey.  Look at it, all packaged up and innocent looking, ready to be cooked:

So I tossed it in the frying pan with 1/2 cup of water as directed by the cookbook and sauteed the crap out of it until it was completely cooked.

I then tossed it in the food processor and whirled it until it was, well, paste-like.  I found I had to add a little water to think it enough to puree properly.  It ended up being this gray, gritty goo. Here it is, frozen into cubes with last night’s dinner removed from the center:

It really tasted like crap.  Seriously.  Super bland meat; unsalted, no crispy browned bits, no fat to add flavor.  Just bland bland meat. But I guess I consider something bland as crap. And it didn’t necessarily taste BAD, there was just very little GOOD. So I decided to feed it to Simon anyways.  So I mixed it 1:1 with pear puree and fed it to him using the usual method starting with rice and slowly blending in the rest.  He liked it decently well, so I will keep serving it to him just to teach his guts to digest meat.  But I think I’ll try roasting his next meat to give a little more depth of flavor.

On another note, I just figured I would give y’all a little overview of how all of this comes together on a daily basis.  So here are a few photos of some of Simon’s recent meals:

Prunes and pears with plain Greek yogurt.

Rice cereal and turkey/pear puree.

Blueberries and barley cereal

Pea/mint/pear puree and barley cereal

Thanks and gig’em!


One Comment on “Some things do taste just about as good (or bad) as they sound…”

  1. Karyn says:

    I can’t believe you’re leaving !!!! I need to declutter our house too, so I’m going to start pretending we’re leaving … even though we’re not. I am SO SAD.

    We need to have dinner and plus we (or at least I) have not met your little fella.

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