Stuff we’ve done lately

Last week we finalized our move to San Antonio,  which means we are putting our house on the market next week. Consequently I have been ruthlessly and obsessively decluttering and cleaning our house from top to bottom in preparation to show.  It’s amazing how I can overlook so many little things that need to be done until I realize that, oh my god, people are going to be walking around the house critiquing everything! So the shower has been re-caulked, the kitchen cabinets have been washed and oiled,  Simon’s closet has been cleared out so that you can actually WALK into the walk-in closet (fancy that), and numerous other small details have been taken care of.  Not to mention all the general cleaning that has to be done when you have a house with three people, two cats and a Golden Retriever. Thank goodness I had lots of Simon food already made and frozen! Score one for buying, cooking, and freezing in bulk.

My initial obsessive outburst of cleaning, etc, has faded and I have found that my frozen food supply is dwindling down to those last few cubes of each food (with the exception of butternut squash because apparently two large butternut squash make more baby food than you will ever need). So this week I have been whipping up more baby food in between household tasks and trips to Home Depot, Target and IKEA.  Honestly though, none of the food items is worth an entire blog post.  Most of the recipes were just about as mind numbingly easy as Paula Deen’s English Buttered Peas recipe or Rachel Ray’s Pineapple Wedges, except unlike these to exceptionally worthless chefs, I won’t call this a “recipe”, I’ll just tell you briefly how I did it and leave it at that.

Raw food is the easiest:

Peel banana, mash in bowl with fork until creamy.  Feed to baby.

Cut avocado in half.  Remove pit.  Mash avocado and feed to baby.  You don’t even need a bowl!

But cooking food is easy too:

Put bag of frozen peas in microwave.  Nuke for 6 minutes.  Puree in food processor.

Peel carrots.  Cut up carrots.  Steam carrots for 5 minutes in steaming basket.  Puree in food processor.

We also had some repeats of previous recipes:

I stewed more prunes.

I also made dried apricots by the exact same method I used on the prunes.

His favorite thing is pears, so I steamed another big bag of pears.

I also made applesauce exactly the same way I made the pear puree.

You get my point.

Although I must add, I did get a little fancy and add a big bunch of mint from my garden into the peas.  I also didn’t cook the carrots til mushy, just until I could pierce them with a knife.  That way they wouldn’t puree into a paste.  They held some texture for him to experiment with. Asparagus was also a nice addition to his vegetable repertoire , but “wash, cut, steam and puree” asparagus doesn’t make for an exciting blog.  I mixed it 1:1 with pears and he gobbled it right up!

Next up is something REALLY EXCITING!

Drumroll please….

I bought a pound of ground turkey!  We’re introducing MEAT! Because his poop just isn’t gross enough already….

So stay tuned!


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