My drab thumb attempts container gardening

I have decided that my thumb color lies somewhere in those funny ugly colors between green and brown.  My mother always referred to that color as “baby s**t green” (which I can TOTALLY relate to now), but I’m going to refer to that particular lovely hue as “drab“.  So I am officially saying I have a “drab thumb”  (although “baby s**t thumb” happens a lot around here too, but that’s a whole other can of worms, we won’t go there).

My gardening has always been based on a “survival of the fittest” philosophy.  I buy a plant, I plant the plant, I water the plant whenever I remember.   If said plant survives, I buy another one next year to replace those other weaker varieties that just didn’t make the cut, i.e. shriveled up into brown withered husks of their former selves.  But looking at some of the plants in my backyard you’d swear I had a green thumb….




Fortunately for me, we already trimmed back all of the old, dead plants and replaced them. So you don’t get photographic evidence of the brown side of my thumb!  Let’s just pretend those plants never happened.

OK, so they did happen, but whatever.

Moving on.

This year I’m making the great effort to improve my gardening skills (i.e. remember to water).  I’m thinking I might succeed since Simon loves sitting in the backyard.  So I actually GO in my backyard every day, which is the first step to increasing my watering frequency.  One problem though…we might be moving to another city this summer, so why should I waste all this valuable watering time on plants I can’t take with me? Hence the title of this blog. I’m attempting to grow herbs and some squash and some peppers in pots this summer.  OK, so “grow” might be ambitious, how about we just say “keep alive”. I have actually seen some growth in the last week, surprisingly, so I am currently quite optimistic.

Here is what we have:

summer squash, oregano, sage, tarragon, parsley, two types of peppers, chives, zucchini and mint.  All appear to be ALIVE!  YAY!

I had all the pots (with the exception of the lovely Home Depot Homer Bucket’s) from previous gardening failures, so I just needed the plants and some extra potting soil.

So what’s with the ugly orange bucket thingy?  Good question!  The bucket I can explain, but the color…? Well, that’s all Home Depot had.  I think it adds a little somethingsomething to my lovely garden, don’t you think? Anyways, back to the question. My favorite mommyblogger, Amalah, recently posted about her self-watering container garden she and her kids keep up with.  I was intrigued.  Could there really be a way that I don’t HAVE to water as frequently?  So I did a little Googling and found this site with instructions on how to make the planter.  Piece of cake.  You should have seen me out there with the baby in his bouncer and me with my husband’s power tools…hell yea. I am doing a side by side test of two squash plants, one in a regular planter and one in the self watering planter.  If the awesome orange bucket contraption proves to actually grow a healthier plant that yields more squash, then next summer I’m going to go crazy on these suckers and try all sorts of veggies…in possibly more tastefully colored containers.   For now though, we’ll stay small and orange.

So grow, my little garden, grow.  In two months we introduce you into Simon’s diet.

I will let ya’ll know how it goes in a few months.


2 Comments on “My drab thumb attempts container gardening”

  1. Karyn says:

    I am so jealous. Conrad built me a garden last year and it just died … died, died. I got two, small dried up and rotted potatoes out of it.

    I am SO JEALOUS.

    • simonsmom says:

      Make your own! It took like, zero effort. OK, well SOME effort. And make him get his but out there and build you a self watering planter. I KNOW he has the tools cause I’ve seen them!

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