Pear puree: part deux. A resounding success!

I decided to try something new.  Not only would we try the pear, but I would offer him two different tastes in one feeding.  Switch it up on him to see how well he took the flavor change.

We started with this:

Three pieces of pear, one piece of butternut squash, and a bit of oatmeal powder mixed with water to get us started. I like to give him the oatmeal first because it’s bland and kind of eases him into the whole solid process. It reminds him that,  “Oh yeah, it’s time to eat now”, without shocking his palate.

He ate a few bites of the oatmeal and then I stirred in two blocks of pear slowly, one spoon full at a time, until it was almost 100% pear.

I then switched straight to the squash, straight up, to see what he would do.  He gave me a funny look after the first bite, and kind of made a mess out of it…

But then ate the whole thing! He then downed another block of pear, and this was what we ended up with…

I’d say  my little experiment was a resounding success!

For you other mom’s out there, the pear also helped nicely with the “binding” issues we’d been having.  You know what I mean.


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