Pear puree: not as time consuming as I thought it would be…

One of the last items we have yet to try in the 4-6 month chapter of Simon’s baby food book is pears.   I decided that TODAY IS THE DAY!!  So when we went to the grocery store this morning I bought 5 super humongous Bosc pears.

When I got home I  washed the pears and cut the meat off of the cores.

Elapsed time: 2 minutes.

I then put about an inch of water in the bottom of my pot, put the steaming basket on top of the water, put in half of the pears, put on the lid, and turned on the heat to medium high.  I then went and ate about half of the container of Greek Gods yogurt I had just purchased and checked Facebook.  Ten-ish minutes of yogurt bliss and Facebook stalking later I went back in the kitchen, pulled the pears out with tongs, added a bit more water, the second half of the pears, put the lid back on, and returned to Facebook.

Another ten-ish minutes later I removed the pears from the steamer and left everything to cool.

Elapsed time: 24 minutes.

I then went about my business around the house for about an hour.  Simon woke up from his nap, he ate, we played a bit, and then he watched his Baby Einstein video while I returned to the pears. I took my paring knife and peeled the skin off of the pears.  This was far easier than I had expected.  It just kind of sloughed off.  Piece of cake.  This took WAY less time than you’d think.

Elapsed time: 1 hour 40 minutes.

I then put the peeled pears in the food processor and whirled them for about 30 seconds and ended up with this:

Which I then put into the freezer trays:

Elapsed time: 1 hour 48 minutes.

Clean-up was easy.  I utilized my always available to help, garbage disposal/pre-wash cycle dish clearer.

Elapsed time: 2 hours 3 minutes.

So total work time = about 25 minutes.  Total elapsed time:  2 hours 3minutes. Piece of cake!

Tomorrow we see what Simon thinks!


4 Comments on “Pear puree: not as time consuming as I thought it would be…”

  1. Rebecca (Watkins) Ray says:

    Loves this Meg! Just stumbled across your blog and have book marked it for future reading. (-: Good luck!!!

  2. bombshel says:

    Did you find a recipe for this puree somewhere or did you think of it by yourself. I know I’m an adult and all, but it sounds like something I’d make myself to snack on

    • simonsmom says:

      I use my “Cooking for Baby” cookbook as mentioned in “The Arsenal”. And I have actually taken some of his fruit purees and spread them on toast or mixed them into oatmeal or yogurt.

  3. […] also made applesauce exactly the same way I made the pear […]

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