The last two months

Simon is almost 6 months old, which means he has been eating solids for a whole two months already!  A lot has happened so I figured I should catch you up!

After his 4 month checkup we started him on rice cereal.  It was an immediate success! His first encounter with solids was fantastic, albeit quite messy.  He downed about 1/4 cup rice cereal in just a few minutes.  He even mastered the whole swallowing thing within the first few bites.  “Great”, I thought, “this solid food thing is going to be a breeze!”.  Famous last words.  I ambitiously set out to make him some tasty and delicious foods to try after about a week of rice.  I bought those organic apples, I sliced them, I steamed them, I pureed them, and I fed them to the baby.  I then came to the quick and painful realization that new flavors are something completely foreign to my son and that the reason he likes the rice cereal is because it has breast milk in it!  It tastes like breast milk, from a spoon!  Yay! So several nights of tears and screams and dramatically shortened feeding sessions, we put the apples away in the freezer for another day.  On to sweet potatoes!  I roasted those suckers, pureed them, mixed a little breast milk in and even mixed it into his rice cereal.  Same result.  Two bites in and ridiculously dramatic hacking/gagging/tongue sticking out faces ensued.  OK.  Sweet potatoes go in the freezer.  Now what?

I consulted Cooking for Baby and saw they had zucchini in the 4-6 month chapter.  Really? Zucchini?  Well, I had a few in the refrigerator so I decided to give it a shot.  INSTANT SUCCESS!!  Not only did this child eat a whole tablespoon mixed 1:1 with rice cereal, he was still opening his mouth for more when he finished! I couldn’t believe it.  Zucchini?  Fine, my strange child, zucchini it is.  I decided that the sweetness of the first two choices were just too much for him.  I then tried avocados.  He loved them.  Ate them up like a vacuum.  OK! Progress!  Since then we have eaten peas, carrot, and butternut squash.  I reintroduced the apples and sweet potato a month later and amazingly, he’s eating them! Persistence wins again!

So there you have it, the exciting (to me) or not so exciting (to you) synopsis of the last few months.  There are some good anecdotes I could relate but honestly, I don’t have the time today, so you will just have to wait and see what shenanigans Simon is up to later.


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